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“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

The single most important cause of our happiness is based on the quality of our relationships. This has been proven by a lifelong Harvard study, yet the importance of this knowledge seems to fade out in regards to how we live our lives today.

Having an authentic emotional connection was and ever will be vitally necessary to nurture and awaken every living creature out there.

We are all One, we are all connected in ways most of us would find disturbing, mystical or practical based on how we look at things. Modern science tackles this and what is even more astonishing — you can clearly feel this when you are at ease with yourself and the environment around you.

We may uncover this simple Truth either through results of our peak mental activity or via complete inner stillness. One gives birth to study with external observation and empirical evidence, other — to meditation with internal observation and spiritual insights.

Sadly enough, we fail to see the intrinsic connection between these states due to their prevailing separation. Separation which is governed by our minds in absolute and unshakable terms of logic, compromising the balance of our Spirit.

Nevertheless, there is no one here to blame for this. Competition is on stage right now and it has been willingly sustained since we first discovered hunger for power and control. We are raised with this idea within our social and religious groups, families, companies, governments and the list goes on to any conceivable form of human concept.

We stray further from God and separate from each other rewarded by false riches. We dwell in illusions to find comfort surrounding ourselves with fear. But if you live long enough to become a sage, you will clearly see that we only compete with ourselves first and foremost and we loose so much energy along the way.

We loose moments of true joy, love and happiness, moments that fuel life. Moments that inspire us to become better human beings, moments that help us grow and help those in need around us. We loose people, we miss people, because the true fabric of life is silver lined with Love, not competition.

And that is exactly where duality stands strong. It gives us the understanding of what is truly important in life. Because we are only able to compare and comprehend the opposing idea, insight or experience by taking the bitter medicine ourselves.

Gradually it all comes back together. It all comes back to You and the world around you starts to shine and revel in it’s beauty. Forever and ever again.

It's all just a matter of perspective.

It's all just a matter of perspective.